Arctic Pastorale and Dance

A duo for Euphonium and Tuba written for my two good friends, Tormod Flaten and Eirik Gjerdevik. I have worked with both when they have performed or recorded as solo artists for many years. In 2016 they asked me to write a piece that combine their fantastic abilities as players in a duet. The piece was first performed at the International Tuba and Euphonium Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee (USA) the same year.

I have always been fond of the sound of low brass instruments. The richness in timbre and the great ambitus is really inspiring. I have written many solo works for the instruments and also two Tuba concertos and two Euphonium concertos.
But beeing familiar you know that there is som much more to discover. Arctic Pastorale and Dance was an expedition in colours and combination of sounds that I had not tried before.
Living in the very north of Europa, I think the presence of nature does influence our thinking. I always try to make my music sound in a way that can make you think of north.

[I grew up in the Lofoten-Islands above the arctic circle, a very special part of the world. I Portugal you probably know about this region because of the bacalao we send to you. When I was young I took part in the industry that make the cod fish go from a fresh into a dried out light weight product that we could send southwards. We also know a famous true story about portuguese sailors in the (ca 1550) that did not make it in a big storm. The men who survived had to stay in Röst over the winter (Querini). Then they discovered the stoccafisso! - and the rest is history]