Musical Doodle I

Percussion player in Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Frank Aarnink, contacted me on behalf of Duo Harpverk (with Katie Buckley) and asked me if I could write a piece for the Harp-Percussion duo and also include the clarinet. I finished the piece in 2015.

Lately, I have felt a little stucked in certain ways of composing my music. In this trio I try to find a new way, I try "to doodle" a piece. 
For some years now I have regarded my compositional technique as a parallell to building with Lego™ pieces. I start to invent a few bricks - so to speak - and then started to build by combining them in different ways, pull some of them apart and start again until something has occured that I like. This way of compose is great to do on a computer with advanced software for notation..

Drawing doodles is something that just happens. Compared to the act of composing it is different because it is impossible to write music without knowing what to write, what to do, what to write for etc, but doodeling everyone can do.
So, when composing Musical Doodle I, I tried only to write when I did not have clear ideas, "it just happenend".