Musical Doodle II

In 2015, the accordionist Rocco Jerry commissioned me a piece for Accordion and Cello.

 I had just finished another piece of chamber music when Rocco Jerry mailed my, and I thought I would continue with the same basic idea: Doodeling. Just make up things more or less conscious of what I am doing.

For some years now I have regarded my compositional technique in some of my music as a parallell to building with Lego™ pieces with no building instruction. I start to invent a few bricks - so to speak -  and then start to build by combining them in different ways, taking ideas apart and start again until something has that I like has evolved. This way of composing is great to do on a computer with advanced notation software.

 In Musical Doodles II, I used already existing material from another piece of mine, Diptych for Accordion, Harp and String Orchestra.
The process is somehow similar to build something new from Lego bricks that was actually made for something else. And just see (hear) what happens.

First performed by Rocco Anthony Jerry and Michael Gilbert Ronstadt.

The piece was composed with support from the Norwegian Remuneration Fund.